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In 1977, Steer & Gear began out of the garage of our family founders--Jerry and Suzi. Jerry, a front-end mechanic, saw the value of cores that were being scrapped. The cores were perfectly good to remanufacture and provide customers with a less expensive, high quality option to new steering unit replacements.

When cars and trucks started to fill-up the residential street parking, Steer & Gear had to find its own facility and be totally committed to the remanufacturing of steering units. Steer & Gear Inc. was established in 1979.


Steer & Gear is now owned and operated by Jerry and Suzi's Daughter Linda, Son-In-Law Carmen and their Son Chad. 

Jerry with his Anglia in the 1960s

Founders Jerry & Suzi

Clites Family.jpg

Carmen, Linda and Chad

In Memory
Jerry Ries
Decemter 5, 1939 -
March 17, 2019

Your Source for Remanufactured Power Steering Gears and Pumps
All Years, Makes and Models of Cars and Trucks
From Restoration to Fleet
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Steer & Gear has offered custom remanufactured steering units from our Central Ohio retail store since 1979. As a free service to our local customers we have delivery, pump reservoir can and pitman arm changes. We serve local and international car and truck repair shops, commercial fleets, dealerships, and the
do-it-yourself installers with their steering needs. We welcome telephone orders, and ship to just about anywhere in the world.


Steer & Gear Stands-out From the Rest 


Family owned and operated since 1979. Steer & Gear was founded on the principles of individualized customer care and providing the highest quality of steering unit remanufacturing. Each unit is remanufactured by a highly experienced technician from beginning to end. It is the attention to details from the smallest bearing or seal to custom machinery, gear testing and finish that make us stand-out from industrial, often unspecialized, rebuilders.   


Technical Support  


One of the most necessary, but least maintained component on an automobile is the steering. When it’s time to remanufacture your unit, we provide technical support to guide you through the maze of concerns that arise during the remanufacturing process. 

  • We work with you to meet your budget requirements.  

  • We can help you achieve the standards you desire. 

  • We will recommend the best procedures and methods appropriate for restoring your steering unit.  

  • Our standards must and will satisfy you. 


You can be assured that we will give full attention to the details you can't see, as well as the finish you can see. 


Antique and Classic Automobiles 


We know your antique and classic automobile is important to you and that you expect our technicians to treat your car with the utmost care and attention. 

  • Our technicians have years of experience working specifically on antique and classic steering units.  

  • Whether you are a new or long-term owner, we will guide you through our restoration process. 

  • Our technicians are proactive to research and utilize automobile experts to keep up-to-date on the best practices for your steering unit. 

  • You will find our technicians at antique and classic automobile shows.  

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